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Who can benefit?

Small Business Growth Club is for anyone who wants their business to succeed. We love helping businesses (and people) grow, but we know how daunting it can having been through it. 

Admin and More are celebrating four years of business and is still growing. We want to help other new business owners enjoy and learn this journey of success. We give you practical and hands-on advice at your fingertips, using experience that is gained from what has worked and not worked running a growing business and building a community of growth.

Any small business can join – from Accountants to Zookeepers as all companies starting out face the same issues and triumphs.

Join Small Business Growth Club- we will teach you, give you the tools to grow, be a sounding board, and celebrate your milestones while you become a Super Business Owner.


What you get.....

When you sign up to the Small Business Growth Club this is what you can expect.

Networking Sessions

In June 2020 we are launching our online networking groups. Initially held  on the 4th week of the month - this is free to all members as part of their subscription. Meetings will be held early morning, lunchtime or early evening so you can fit in around your exisiting workload.

If you are not sure its right for you - you can try the networking for three sessions for £5.00 each session. (You do not have full access to the club during this time only the meetings)


Monthly Themed Newsletter

Each month we will send you a themed newsletter to help you grow your business. Whenever you join the Club you will receive month one onwards. The first few themes are, Branding, Choosing the right website for your business, and the importance of Choosing the right Accountant all with amazing and useful content.


Access all Admin and More  training courses as part of your membership.

(Money Awareness Course not part of this offer)

Members Directory

you will have the opportunity to have a directory listing on the website so other members can access you and ask for your help and advice.

Members Forum

Our members forums provide an opportunity to discuss key topics, network with like-minded organisations and influence the future direction of the Small Business Growth Club

Monthly Q&A Calls with me, Elizabeth, Award Winning VA and Facebook Lives

 We have helped many clients who have had  different issues, grow their businesses, so have answers for most questions that you may have.

Membership options

Pick the best membership option that best fits your budget needs:



per month

Great option if you want to make monthly payments

Quarterly Membership


per Quarter

Save £20.00 per year on the monthly membership price

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Annual Membership



Save £30.00 per year on the monthly subscription price

Hi, I'm Elizabeth Wright, and since 2016 I have set up and run my own Virtual Assistant business. Its a lonely place setting up a business and so the Small Business Growth Club will grow with you and your business and take you on a fantastic journey.


We also provide training courses and e-books for those who want to take their time and digest the information in bite-size pieces.


Trusted by brands you know

  • Small Business Growth Club Monthly Subscription

    Did you know there were 681,704 business started in 2019? Is one of your goals to start a business in 2020? Statistics show that 60% of businesses fail within the first 5 years so what are the steps you need to take to ensure you beat this statistic?

    GBP 15.00 (including 20% VAT)

    “I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the meeting. You have a great format with the breakout rooms early in the session. It was great to learn more about the other members.
    Have a good afternoon!”


Here are the latest news, hint and tips to help you grow your businesses.

The importance of Business Insurance


Have you factored in business insurance into your business plan and costings? It is a vital component of your business and you need to ensure that you have the right level of insurance to stay within the law and to protect your business.

As with most insurance types, business insurance is used to protect the business and the business owner, should unforeseen events happen to the business. The trick is to make sure that your business is covered for those events that are most likely to happen and…

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Small Business Stories with Moira Frost

Moira Frost

Moira Frost is an independent stylist for Cabi Clothing, an American clothing brand for women, which came to the UK market four years ago. She explains how Cabi works on the intersection between network marketing and franchise. Moira shares her experiences have been running her own business.

Getting Started with Cabi  

Moira Frost has been involved with Cabi since the company entered the UK market. She starts by explaining Cabi’s mission, what makes the brand so popular with the customers, and…

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Business Administration


The paperwork and "list of things to do" can be daunting when setting up your business but all businesses must keep a record of their accounts for tax and auditing purposes. Self-employed freelancers don’t need to keep official accounts but do need to keep a record of income and tax-deductible expenses. Keeping on top of these accounts is paramount to your stress-levels! Don't leave them until the last minutes. It's a good idea to have a systematic way of keeping your records (a shoebox doesn't …

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