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Business Directories: The Place To List Your Local Small Business


Business Directories: The Place To List Your Local Small Business When Looking For Local Customers

One of the oldest and most effective ways to market yourself online is through local small business directory listings. Small business Internet marketing requires starting with a listing of your small business in the major general directories then listing them in niche and industry-specific directories appropriate to your small business. It is a time consuming process to list your small business in the right directories, but a necessary one to ensure good rankings for your website.

The most essential directory for your small business to be listed in is DMOZ, also called the Open Directory Project. All the major search engines, and most of the minor ones, rely on DMOZ, located at, for information on websites. Google gets information on every website it crawls from DMOZ.

You should also list your small business in Google Local and Yahoo Local. All you need to do to get listed with Google is to go to Google, click on the Local link and find the “add your business link.” For Yahoo, go to Yahoo, click on “Directory,” then click on “Submit Your Site” at the bottom of the page.

You can find other directories online by using Google or Yahoo. Type in “directory of directories” and you’ll get a list of small business directories, both paid and free, listed by state, industry, niche, and other categorizations. I recommend that you list in every directory that applies to your business. Here is a short list of local small business directory opportunities to help you attract local customers for your business:

Some directories, like the Yahoo directory, charge, but it is well worth what you pay to be listed. Once you are included in Yahoo’s small business directory, you can bet your website will be indexed in the search engine as well.

There are three primary considerations for your small business when listing in directories online:

The directory’s PageRank

The directory’s age

Is your small business category available?

PageRank is important for SEO purposes. Internet marketing pros all recommend getting inbound links from websites with high PR. A website with a PR higher than yours will benefit you with valuable inbound links that will give you a boost in the search engines as well. The age of the directory makes it more valuable because you know that if the directory has been around for more than two years then it will likely be around next year. You can get information on PageRank and the age of various directories at

Don’t waste your time trying to get listed in a directory that doesn’t offer a category you’ll fit into. Be sure to browse the categories at any small business directories you consider before you list your business.

Two great sources for finding web directories for your small business Internet marketing efforts are and The Best Web Directories website is perhaps the most comprehensive website for finding business directories online. If you want to find local customers through small business directories then I recommend these two resources for finding the best places online that list small business directories for your Internet marketing efforts.

One thing you’ll need to keep in mind all directories are different. Nevertheless, you should write your business directory listing before you submit to any directories. Your local small business directory listing shouldn’t be too long, but it should include all the pertinent information: Your business name, your name, address, phone number, website address, e-mail address, and a short description of your business. In your business directory listing, be sure to use the best keyword two or three times to make your small business listing optimized for the search engines.

To find industry-specific or niche directories, go to DMOZ or one of the other general directories and search for your industry by keyword. Then do a keyword search at Google and Yahoo along with the keyword “directory.” This should return a good listing of directories for your industry or niche.

One other source for listing your local small business is the local chamber of commerce’s website. When you join your local chamber, they should list your website on theirs for free. The traffic you can get from this one source can be well worth joining the local chamber, and almost all of the traffic will be local customers looking for your type of business. The Yellow Pages online and are two other sources to consider for local small business Internet marketing. More and more people are looking online for small businesses to do business with and relying less on print publications like the Yellow Pages. That’s just one more reason to look for local small business directories to be listed in.

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