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Small Business Stories with John Tippett

John Tippett

Small Business Stories with John Tippett

John Tippett is a self-employed business concession owner at Card Industry Professionals. He is focused on saving businesses costs on "Chip 'n Pin''. He offers cost-effective and transparent solutions for SME's.  It enables SME's to take all types of card payment across a physical terminal, EPOS, telephone or web-based sales well-known payment gateways. John is also involved in a few other businesses and has been working for himself for 18 years.

Card Industry Market during COVID

One may think that the card payment processing services have blossomed during the pandemic. Most businesses have been forced to move online, but John Tippett has a nuanced view of the market situation.

“There have been several businesses that wanted to get involved.  The business needed to take card payments online or remotely where the payer isn't actually present. So we've been able to help them. But I'd say that in the main we've remained static. Because we deal with many hospitality and retail companies, and a lot of those have closed doors, we lost some of that business.

Whats Changed?

But also, there's been many people who have been working for companies that have started their own business, so we've seen a growth in that. The market has changed, there has been growth, there have been many new companies coming on, though they tend to be at the lower end of the market. The one thing within card payments is that the market never stands still, and COVID has escalated beyond belief. I wanted to get involved with e-commerce, and COVID has just made us get involved with that at a far faster rate than we would otherwise have done. Now we're offering full e-commerce solutions as well,” John says.

How to Find the Right Card Provider

For many businesses. Card payment processing is a complex task, and it often slows down cash flow. Working independently, John can help businesses save time and money.

“We are an independent business, so we're not tied to any bank at all. We work with several banks across the range, and we can actually build the system around the customer and what the customer wants, rather than just forcing them down one particular channel. The standard payout in the UK is what's called transaction plus three. That means it's three days after the transaction goes through Stripe, and being an American company, or under American rules, it means they hold onto the payments for a couple of extra days so that it can take up to a week to 10 days. However, there are providers out there that can actually put the cash into the bank the following morning, and in one case where they can put it into the bank the same day.”

Running a Few Businesses Is Relaxing?

When asked about the benefits and challenges of running his own business, and how he finds work-life balance, John surprises us saying he owns a few more businesses.

“The benefit is the flexibility of the days I work. We own a couple of other smaller businesses. I run a business networking company, and I work with an energy advice company, giving me the flexibility to work in any of those businesses when I need to. It also means that I can better understand what the customer requires, and I have a better ability to help that customer and deliver the best solution for them. I build great rapport with customers, they become almost friends in a way, because I'm dealing with other business owners. Therefore we have a similar synergy, and we understand what it takes to run the business,” John explains.

“I get the benefit of getting involved with three completely different businesses. It's more relaxing, for example, running a networking group and having regular Zoom group meetings, because then I'm networking for my current business. And then when I talk to people about energy, it's again totally different. It's quite relaxing and quite challenging at times, but it does mean I get some downtime. I can escape from each one of those various times, although card payments are my main focus.”

Advice for Business OwnersHaving 18 years of experience in running his own businesses. John is a person who can offer some solid advice to aspiring business owners.

“Have a plan, know exactly where you're going and where you want to take it, but put in steps along the way in drawing up and achieving that plan. Speak to as many people as you can, who are offering that service or a similar service, and do as much research as possible on the business. Don't make the mistake of going down the line of joining someone to get the experience, in the hope that that person's company is the right one. Research, research, research and plan so you know exactly where you're going to be. That way, you can't go wrong,” John concludes.

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