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Small Business Stories with Idit Ginsberg 

Idit Ginsberg

Idit Ginsberg is the founder of Iyador Marketing, offering social media services to startups and small and medium-sized businesses. Having run an event planning company for ten years before the pandemic hit, Idit shares her story of how she had to pivot very quickly and start a new business last year. 

The Background of Iyador Marketing 

Idit gives us a quick background of how her current business started. 

“When COVID kicked in in March, I had to transition because the event industry just sank. I just took all my skills and transitioned into marketing. I literally started over, but it’s just been so amazing and so quick with everyone having to promote their business online. Everybody needs marketing now; you need to have your Facebook, your Instagram, your website saying I’m credible, I’m an expert, I know what I’m doing, pick up the phone, I can help you. Many people don’t know how to do that; they don’t have the time to do that. So that’s what I do, I either train you and enable you to do it yourself, or I manage your accounts for you.”

Challenges of a New Business

Besides flexibility as the main benefit of running her own business while having family and kids, Idit has been facing some challenges in her new business. 

“My biggest challenge is growing with the clients. When I started, I was writing and managing all the content myself. In the first couple of months, I had three or four clients. As more and more get added on, I can’t do it anymore, so I’ve been using freelancers to write content for me, and then it’s about finding the freelancers that have the skills and the creativity because I don’t have time to train them. But then it gets to a point where they don’t have any more time either because they’re writing for ten clients, so then I need more. The other challenge that I’ve experienced recently is with Facebook ads.

When I have a specialised client, like somebody talking to single people or targeting people dealing with depression, you can’t just use those terms because Facebook blocks you. I need a specialist to help me because you’re not allowed to use the words depressed,  despondent or self-harm, for example. If you’re a coach and you’re tapping into those target groups, you have to find other ways to do it.”

How to Market a Marketing Business 

Although she is a social media expert, Idit Ginsberg says that social media content alone will not get the clients through your door.  

“I do a lot of lead generation; I’m using 80% of the time to build relationships, reach out to people individually on LinkedIn or Facebook, arrange one to one calls, to go to networking meetings, speak in podcasts etc. I’m collaborating with Wenta, and I run free webinars every month, teaching people how to write engaging content and grow their following and build relationships. All those different ways funnel people to me to potentially work with them.“

“The most important thing to remember with your social media is,” she adds, “if you think that writing engaging content on your pages will be enough to get followers and to get clients, unfortunately, it’s not the reality of the situation. Your social media on any platform is a way to market yourself and show that you’re credible, that you give top tips, that you’re worthy of following, that you’re an active ad, not someone who’s posting once in six months.

Lead generation is what actually converts, what gets someone to want to follow you, book your service, join your group, come on your webinars. There’s a synergy between the two. If you only do one, you won’t see results. You have to do both and do it consistently.” 

Combining Marketing and Event Business 

When asked about her goals, Idit Ginsberg says her long-term goal is to build a big team and combine her marketing and event business once COVID is behind us. 

“My short term goal is setting up a five-day challenge on Facebook to help people with growing their following. I didn’t realise how complicated that is because I want to connect it to a messenger bot, so that’s taking me more time to do. My long term challenge is to get to a point where I’ve got so many clients that I need a big team around me and combining it with events because that’s what I used to do. I would love to run the marketing for an exhibition and then be involved in the exhibition on the day, or running a talk for a motivational speaker for 500 people and then organising the event. Of course, after COVID is gone.” 

“But it’s important to remember that you work to live, not live to work,” she adds. “If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to own lots of businesses and earn millions and trillions, then maybe you would live to work. But if you’re the kind of person who wants to make money to enjoy yourself with your family, then it’s the other way around. Maybe you’ll never get to be that humongous billionaire, but maybe that’s not necessary. To keep that in mind, what do you want out of life, rather than just money?”

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