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Small Business Stories with Vicki Parsons

Vicki Parson

Vicki Parsons is a network marketer and consultant at health and wellbeing company Isagenix. She helps busy professional women change their physical and financial wellness using a simple proven nutrition system and 1on1 coaching.

How to Be a Product of a Product

Vicki and her husband tried different things to supplement their pension fund and build a side business while also wanting to get in physical shape and lose weight. Vicki shares how it all began with Isagenix.

“Consequentially, we were looking at how to supplement our retirement fund and wanted something which we could invest in, so we’ve done a lot of training in real estate business and invested in a couple of properties. So, my husband was going along to many property networking meetings, meeting people, and learning more about the business.

Meanwhile, I started an Amazon business. At one of the networking meetings, my husband met somebody who introduced him to Isagenix, and they were just about to launch in this country. Also, we thought we could do with losing a bit of weight ourselves, so we signed up for two of the packs. We wanted something that was preferably all-natural, no additives, very high quality, and proven scientifically. So, we found that with Isagenix, not really realising about the network marketing side at the time. After we saw results very quickly, it was a no brainer for us to promote the business side of it, and share it with our friends, to be a product of the product.”

Selling on Amazon vs Isagenix Business Model

Before starting with Isagenix, Vicki was also marketing and selling kitchen supplies on Amazon, but she found it increasingly difficult.

“Furthermore, Amazon kept changing goalposts and how things were running. I came to the realisation that I needed a large stock and a large cash flow to get going. With the Amazon business, I needed to source my products, find the supplier first, and send money to them. They were white label products, and I could put my own label on them, so I had to sort the labels out,  the packaging, get them imported, do barcodes, and market your products. So to do all of that, you needed to invest about 20,000 pounds to get started, which I didn’t have. Lastly, you have to do all the different things for setting up a business, dealing with customer complaints, maintaining your account, but without having staff,” she explains.

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