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Small Business Stories with Moira Frost

Moira Frost

Moira Frost is an independent stylist for Cabi Clothing, an American clothing brand for women, which came to the UK market four years ago. She explains how Cabi works on the intersection between network marketing and franchise. Moira shares her experiences have been running her own business.

Getting Started with Cabi  

Moira Frost has been involved with Cabi since the company entered the UK market. She starts by explaining Cabi’s mission, what makes the brand so popular with the customers, and…

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Small Business Stories with Claire Sweet

Claire Sweet

laire Sweet is an award-winning Financial Advisor and Money Coach, Owner of Peace Together Money Coaching. Her work has been featured in The Telegraph, Moneywise and Sheerluxe, and she is a regular guest on BBC Radio Kent as an expert in her field.

What Does a Money Coach Do?

Claire begins by talking about the kind of work she does and how she decided to step into her own business after many years of corporate experience at Boots.

“I’m a financial advisor and money coach. What I do is help …

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Small Business Stories with Vicki Parsons

Vicki Parson

Vicki Parsons is a network marketer and consultant at health and wellbeing company Isagenix. She helps busy professional women change their physical and financial wellness using a simple proven nutrition system and 1on1 coaching.

How to Be a Product of a Product

Vicki and her husband tried different things to supplement their pension fund and build a side business while also wanting to get in physical shape and lose weight. Vicki shares how it all began with Isagenix.

“Consequentially, we wer…

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Small Business Stories with Idit Ginsberg 

Idit Ginsberg

Idit Ginsberg is the founder of Iyador Marketing, offering social media services to startups and small and medium-sized businesses. Having run an event planning company for ten years before the pandemic hit, Idit shares her story of how she had to pivot very quickly and start a new business last year. 

The Background of Iyador Marketing 

Idit gives us a quick background of how her current business started. 

“When COVID kicked in in March, I had to transition because the event industry just sa…

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Small Business Stories with Yvonne Hemmings

Yvonne Hemmings

Yvonne Hemmings is an automation consultant and strategist for online service providers who want to save hours and money every week by letting specialist software work its magic in the background. She is the founder of Automation Made Simple and works with time-poor business owners who spend too much time on repetitive processes like client onboarding, booking calls and invoicing.

The Job of an Automation Consultant

When Yvonne Hemmings started her business three and a half years ago, she work…

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Small Business Stories with Claire Harris

claire harris

Claire Harris is the founder of Pets 2 Places, the UK’s first pet taxi franchise offering transport to any destination a customer chooses. An animal lover herself, she has been in the business for over 5 years and has built up a lot of knowledge about transporting the correct way. She specializes in helping elderly and less abled people, with certificates in manual handling of older persons and guiding blind people.

How Pet 2 Places Started

Claire has always liked to be self-employed. However,…

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Small Business Stories with Bonita Ackerman du Preez

Bonita Ackermann

Bonita Ackerman du Preez is a qualified Registered Trauma recovery therapist, specialising in PTSD, trauma, grief recovery, anxiety and stress management. She has spent 23 years teaching and 4 years as a therapist, and she runs her own business called Future Edge Therapy.

From Teaching to Therapy

After spending over two decades teaching, Bonita Ackerman du Preez started feeling overwhelmed and disconnected from her work, and she set out to change something.

“I had a conversation with my wife …

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Small Business Stories with Catherine Morgan

Catherine Morgan

Catherine Morgan is a money coach and award-winning financial planner for women, a speaker, podcaster and bestselling author. She is on a mission to reduce financial anxiety and increase financial empowerment and resilience for 1 million women around the world. Catherine wants to de-mystify financial jargon and emphasise the importance of focusing on women's financial behaviours, not financial products.

Entrepreneurial Itch

The Money Panel is Catherine’s third business that she set up four yea…

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Small Business Stories with John Tippett

John Tippett

Small Business Stories with John Tippett

John Tippett is a self-employed business concession owner at Card Industry Professionals. He is focused on saving businesses costs on "Chip 'n Pin''. He offers cost-effective and transparent solutions for SME's.  It enables SME's to take all types of card payment across a physical terminal, EPOS, telephone or web-based sales well-known payment gateways. John is also involved in a few other businesses and has been working for himself for 18 years.

Card I…

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Simone Cowley - Small Business Stories

Simone Cowley

Simone Cowley is the founder of Guardian Angels Childcare, a nanny and babysitting agency providing excellent child care to families in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas. Simone has 24 years of childcare experience herself, and she has worked and enjoyed various roles including a nanny, teaching assistant and foster carer. She started her own business two years ago, and she shares her experiences with the Small Business Growth Club. 

The Responsibility of Choosing Nannies 

Once Simone Cowley…

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