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Simone Cowley - Small Business Stories

Simone Cowley

Simone Cowley is the founder of Guardian Angels Childcare, a nanny and babysitting agency providing excellent child care to families in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas. Simone has 24 years of childcare experience herself, and she has worked and enjoyed various roles including a nanny, teaching assistant and foster carer. She started her own business two years ago, and she shares her experiences with the Small Business Growth Club. 

The Responsibility of Choosing Nannies 

Once Simone Cowley…

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Adjusting to Working from Home


2020 was a year of learning curves and it seems that 2021 has started with the same.  Many of us (if we're lucky enough) have found that we have had to adjust to working from home.  In theory it's what most of us want but the practical outworking of it can be challenging.  We have to work around our children, partners, pets, privacy can be an issue and definitely motivation, especially when the TV, duvet and fridge are close by!

At home there are many distractions, less accountability, and less…

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Small Business Stories with Rob Harris

Rob Harris

Rob Harris, the CEO of Your Financial Friend. His passion is to empower people with the tools, information and skills to grow their money, investments, pensions and to take ownership of their financial future. Seven years ago, he sold his wealth management practice and became an educator, teacher and mentor. He offers one-to-one sessions and teaches his Money Awareness course.

Financial Advisor vs Financial Educator

After spending decades as an independent financial advisor, Rob Harris was thi…

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Small Business Stories with Michelle Dale

Michelle Dale2

Michelle Dale is the founder of Virtual Miss Friday, an Online Business Consultancy and Academy with Built-In Virtual Assistant Services, and the creator of 1nSourcing - a service that specialises in serving 6 and 7 figure business owners. Michelle left the UK in 2005, at the age of 23 to pursue a dream of experiencing real freedom. She has grown a successful, location-independent online business, travelling and living abroad full time, meeting her husband and raising 3 children.

Michelle now s…

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Some Christmas Fun


It's been a really hard year and for a lot of us our businesses have taken a hard knock. So let's have a bit of fun and celebrate the festive season with the rest of the world and take a look at how people in countries around the world would have celebrated the holidays even though it might be quite different this year.


Greeting – Eftihismena Christougenna
Food – Special holiday cakes are baked.
Gifts – Most Greek people exchange gifts on Saint Basil’s Day, January 1.
Customs – To honour S…

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Small Business Stories with Didier Penine

Didier Penine

Small Business Stories with Didier Penine

Didier Penine is the founder and owner of Say it With Champers, a UK based company which sells high quality champagne with personalised labels. After 10 years of lingering on the idea, he finally took the leap two years ago and started his own small business.

What to Say With Champers


Didier explains what his company does and how he decided to start a business with champagne.

“My main line of business covers other businesses that will get a besp…

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Small Business Stories with Anna Forgaard

Anna Forgaard

Small Business Stories with Anna Forgaard

Anna Forgaard is a marketing consultant and strategist, bringing businesses a wealth of marketing knowledge acquired in the wine, media and retail industries. She has successfully worked with brands as diverse as Grazia, Garden News, Great Food Club, The Wine Society, National Geographic and Katie Cardew Illustrations. She provides marketing advice, strategies and campaigns for SMEs, enabling small business owners to concentrate on their product while s…

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Small Business Stories with Sam Hallett, Enable Life

Sam Hallett

Small Business Stories with Sam Hallett

Sam Hallett is the Founding Director and Business Protection Specialist at Enable Life. Enable Life is an insurance brokerage firm offering services to individuals, self-employed and businesses. After battling with chronic illness, Sam has found a passion for health and wellbeing, with financial wellbeing at the forefront. Being an ex-accountant, this is where Sam found a natural transition into life & health protection.

Chronic Health Issues – A Step To…

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Small Business Stories with Richard Bland

Richard Bland

Richard Bland is a digital consultant, website manager, and the founder of BhambraBland.

He helps business owners who are looking to scale or develop a better online presence, as well as startups looking for a creative mind to think through their approach to getting online.

Family as a Business Driver

Richard Bland went through a series of different career paths since he was 18 years old, but what spurred him into the business world was his family.

“Two major things were happening in my fami…

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Small Business Stories with Suzie Flynn

Suzie Flynn

Suzy Flynn is an award winning mindset and business coach who helps Executive Assistants break from the corporate world and start their own Virtual Assistant business. 

The Catalyst for Starting a Business 

 Suzy begins by telling the story of how she decided to take the step to start her own business. 

 “In my mid to late 30s, I started to get frustrated with the corporate world, dealing with redundancies and all of the challenges that came with organisational restructuring. Then I came acro…

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